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Miriam Cruz will present her concert "La Historia Continua" on Saturday, August 12, 2023 at the legendary United Palace Theater in New York.

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 Por Jose Zabala.

New York- Miriam Cruz, one of the best exponents of merengue who with her charisma, her music and her contagious voice with a unique tone will celebrate more than 30 years of career in her concert "La Historia Continua" at the legendary and iconic United Palace theater located at 4140 Broadway New York New York 10033.

The great night of the Merengue Diva Miriam Cruz will be on August 12, 2023 starting at 7:00 PM. The merengue diva will present a concert with a rich catalog full of merengue hits compiled throughout her career and will be accompanied on stage by her artist friends: Milly Quezada-, Josie Esteban, Ramón Orlando, Alex Bueno, Manny Cruz, El Jeffrey among other guest artists. 

This celebration will have a great production where we will see lights, sound, scenery, giant screens and other elements, which will give great brilliance and splendor to this concert "The Continuing Story". 

"Beautiful people, I feel super excited to announce my concert: "The story continues" at the United Palace in New York this Saturday, August 12, 2023. It will be a night not to be missed with the best of my repertoire and great friends and guest artists ” said the Diva del Merengue on her Twitter account. 

Miriam Cruz with her voice popularized songs such as: "It's his thing", "La Loba", "La Carnada", "Esa Loca", "Guayaba Podrida", "Yo Soy La Buena", "La Africana", «Juana la Cubana», «El Negro no Puede», «Las Pequeñas Cosas», «Pegando Fuego», «Estúpido», «Besos Callejeros», «Ta.. Pillao», «Sukaina», «Youlin», «You You win”, “How do I do it”, "I don't believe in it" and many more hits, taking merengue to countries like the United States, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Japan and several Latin American nations. America. 

It will be a grand and luxurious show with many surprises, in another production by Zamora Live & DJ Henry. Guarantee stamps! Tickets are on sale now at Express Tickets com. More information at 646-228-8987. For ticket information

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